CCSPD Subcommittees


The CCSPD depends on several standing and ad hoc subcommittees to develop and carry out activities that support the work of the Committee. There are currently three subcommittees, the description for each subcommittee is provide:

Program Subcommittee: The Program Subcommittee recommends, plans, and coordinates events to promote disability awareness and disability culture and to convey disability-related information to the UIC campus community. This subcommittee also assists the CCSPD Chairs in conducting outreach between our Committee and other Chancellor’s Committees and other units on campus engaged in diversity and/or disability efforts. The Program Subcommittee also assists in the recruitment of new members for CCSPD.

Advisory Committee on Disability Commitment (ACDC): The ACDC Subcommittee works to ensure that the university maintains the Chancellor’s commitment to universal access. It works with the Office of Access and Equity to develop an annual report of the University’s efforts to ensure access and inclusion for persons with disabilities throughout the campus. Also, ACDC provides technical support for the CCSPD website to ensure that we have an online presence.

Student Advisory Subcommittee: This subcommittee is composed of students who support and expand the work of the CCSPD across campus through recruitment and involvement of other interested students.

The subcommittees and the current members are listed below.

CCSPD 2019-2020 Subcommittees

Executive Committee (EC)*
*Note EC is comprised of five members, no vacancies at the moment. We may ask for a volunteer who can serve as alternate if necessary.
  • Jennifer Jackson (co-chair)
  • Christos Takoudis
  • Charles Hounmenou
  • Alejandro Castro (co-chair)
  • Zoie Sheets
Subcommittee on Disabled Student Experiences (DSE)*
*Note DSE is for graduate and undergraduate student members only.
  • Zoie Sheets, chair
  • Hailee Yoshizaki-Gibbons
CCSPD Spring Town Hall Subcommittee (TH)
  • Jennifer Jackson (chair)
  • Alejandro Castro
  • Hailee Yoshizaki-Gibbons
Building Standards Subcommittee (ad hoc) (BUS)
  • Margaret Fink
  • Hugo Trevino
  • Liat Ben-Moshe
  • Sophia Hamilton
Accessibility Subcommittee (ADC)
  • Hugo Trevino
  • Farideddin Peiravian
Student Guide (SGUIDE)
  • Jennifer Glayzer
  • Margaret Fink
  • Zoie Sheets
  • Sophia Hamilton