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The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (CCSPD) is an advisory body dedicated to promoting the academic, professional, cultural and social welfare of persons with disabilities as well as providing leadership on the history, needs and resources of said population at the University of Illinois at Chicago. To do this, the various subcommittees of the CCSPD focus on a variety of facets of UIC life such as representation, climate, policies, services, and practices that affect faculty, staff and students with disabilities. The CCSPD makes recommendations to the chancellor addressing these issues as well as developing, initiating and managing programs that further address the comprehensive concerns of persons with disabilities. The CCSPD is enthusiastic about working collaboratively with diverse communities on campus and building relationships with off-campus community organizations that advocate for persons with disabilities in order to help develop and maintain a supportive environment for all members of the university’s diverse population. This mission is motivated by the belief that people with disabilities are assets to the university, not liabilities.

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News and Events provides details on relevant CCSPD news and events.
  • Reporting of Accessibility Issues

    In an effort to make sure issues pertaining to accessibility are regularly reported, CCSPD has moved the Online Reporting of UIC Accessibility Issues form to a more prominent location on the website. This form can be found under the Resources tab, as well as this section of the website. Reporting of Accessibility Issues 


  • Upcoming UIC Community Events

    Currently CCSPD is highlighting the upcoming events of our campus partner the Disability Cultural Center. To learn more about the DCC’s upcoming events, visit the DCC Events page.